We have developed and applied state of the art metabolomics technology for metabolite profiling and flux analysis.  We have expertise in cancer biology, nutrition, and physiology.  The laboratory has a unique combination of instrumentation, expertise in analytical chemistry, computational modeling and software development capabilities.  This skill-set is combined with our experience in metabolic pathway regulation to allow us to generate knowledge of metabolism and metabolic pathway regulation.
We have an interest in disseminating these capabilities to advance our understanding of metabolism.  We often work within a collaboration service model (authorship only warranted when mutually agreed on for both parties) where we offer our metabolomics expertise with some expectation to share the cost of research.   Please feel free to contact us for further information.  

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Our mass spectrometry approaches are combined with stable isotope labeling of cells and animals to provide information about the flow of nutrients in metabolic pathways.  These experiments allow one to study the phenotypic endpoint of metabolism – metabolic flux. 

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Metabolite profiling has been indispensable in the study of metabolism in health and disease. Many current platforms have different limiting factors, such as labor intensive sample preparation, low sensitivity, slow scan speeds which limit quantitation, intensive method optimization for each metabolite, and the inability to measure both positively and negatively charged ions in single experiments.
We have developed several strategies for rapid, sensitive, quantitative and large scale metabolomics by utilizing amide-based hydrophilic chromatography for polar metabolites and high resolution mass spectrometry.  Lipidomics and other methodologies are also available.   

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